This is by far the best lightweight tipi tarp design for strength, ease of use and reliability.  The
use of material is very efficient and can still be used as a flat tarp for A-frame or lean-to pitches.

UTT 5 Sided Stakeout
Anchor the rear 2 tie-outs, tie in the pole, raise the tarp, then pull down to the front 2
enterance tie-outs and stake.  Finish by staking out the remaining 2 sides.  Easy no math!

UTT Top Cap and Tie
Finished top cap shown with center pole tied in. First wrap on the pole is a
half-hitch, then wrap and finish with a bow. A black rubber crutch tip on the top of the
staff keeps the tie from running off and also helps to protect the tarp.

UTT Half Side Open

UTT Snowy Pitch


Ultralight Tipi Tarp

Made by our customer Nick.  He writes:

After testing this ultralight tipi tarp, I knew this was the small, lightweight, sturdy tipi shaped tent that I was looking for.  I've been working on this idea for a long time and never quite got it right.  It's right now.  Make one, you'll like it.

This 15 foot diameter round tarp makes a 9 foot diameter tipi with 8 stakes and a 6 foot hiking staff.  The tarp weighs (1 lb. 7 oz) plus (8) 10' long pieces of No. 36 nylon bank line for guylines (2.89 oz) and 8 aluminum stakes (5.24 oz).  Total without hiking staff 1 lb. 15 oz.  Floor area ~ 56 sq ft. 

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 The Quest Outfitters team has made one these and it is an amazing design that can take both high winds and snow loads.  It's versatile design allows it to be used as a flat tarp, a
tipi, an A-frame or a lean-to.  We liked it so much we made it into a kit.  Our kits include all of the materials and a complete set of detailed step
by step instructions to make your own.
click here for more information on our kits