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Tarp Tent

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Tarp Tent 2

Made by Cora Killinger

Cora writes:

Here are the pictures of the tent I made using materials I got from your business.  The tarp is from GoLite.  I made the screen tent a couple years ago and just recently put the floor in it. (before we just put down the ground cloth and tucked the screen under it)  To make the screen, it is a long piece that goes around both ends and sides.  The peak is a rectangle that fits the top allowing for a sloped peak.  To make it hang right, I had to make a triangle peice for the top part of the ends.  The corners and peak and sides have grommets with cord through them with s-hooks at the end to hook to the fly and adjustable toggles inside the tent for taking up the slack.  The one picture attempts to show the grommet detail.  The reason I made the tent is that I needed more sleeping space.   The floor of the new tent is 60x90 which accomadates two people comfortably.   To get in the tent, the front bottom seam is not sewn and there is an extra flap sewn on to tuck under the tent bottom. (no zippers-less weight)

We leave for the AT in Virginia in Shenandoah National Park.  We had to have a sewn floor because they have snakes there.  Here in Michigan we didn't worry about anything bigger than an insect crawling in.  I like the lightweight screen tent for carrying (It is only 2 1/2 pounds)  and also because it is cool for sleeping.