Lightweight Backpack

Made by customer
Justin Sobczak 

Hey everyone at Quest outfitters,

     I recently finished a light weight backpack using materials from your site.  I wanted to share the project with ya'll. The bag is a top loader roll top with an internal frame. It has a large front pocket with lycra mesh to increase volume. The side pockets are deep enough to securely hold a water bottle and above the pockets there are d-rings with paracord to hold tent poles, hiking poles or machete as i have in the picture.  I decided to use the cyberian speed clips to hold my hiking poles when not in use. it also has a hydration sleeve and hose port for easy access to water. The straps are padded as is the waist belt and includes waist belt pockets with water proof zippers. Hope you enjoy.

    Thank you for helping me make this project come to life.                                             


Justin Sobczak

 p.s. the finished weight came out at 1 lb 14 oz.

 Material list: 

2.2 ripstop- charcoal and orange
3d mesh
plastic d-rings

plastic ladderlocs

side release buckles-1/2"
whistleloc buckle
apex winch side release buckle
cyberian speed hook
sternum strap
zipper cord
webbing- 2"-poly
                  3/8", 1/2", 3/4"-nylon
water proof zippers.