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Packs   - front view (left) - rear view (right)

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Packs in use

Child Backpacks

Made by customer Nick Bousquet.  He emailed the following description:

I modeled these backpacks after one from the 1980's, scaled down to ~1200 cubic inches to fit our growing 4 and 6 year old kids and hold 3 to 4lbs of clothing/gear... hopefully the packs fit them for a few years.  I made the body from coated oxford, bottom and back from packcloth, and padded the back/frame and contoured shoulder straps with pieces cut from a 3/8 closed-cell foam pad.  They took the better part of three days to make, but it was well worth it to bypass the big-box 'outfitters' on our way to the great outdoors (some name-brand backpacks near the acceptable load limit for a young child when the packs are empty!)  These packs each weigh ~11 ounces.

I've been so impressed with your friendly service, quality products, quick shipping, and easy-to-use website!  The techniques and tips on your site were a huge help (prior to this project the most complicated thing I had made was a rectangular sleeping bag sewn from a wool blanket.)