Model Boat Sails

Made by customer
Jerry Todd in Maryland

To Quest:

I just ordered some Supplex Nylon from you and thought I'd let you know what it was being used for.

I build large scale radio-controlled sailing ships, like the Constellation, shown below, which is 8 feet long.  My current order with you is for another model of the British frigate Macedonian a few inches shorter than Constellation.
Supplex, makes the best model sails; waterproof, UV resistant, wrinkle free, washable, and being Nylon, grommets and other required holes as well as cutting, can be done with heated tools like hot-knives and soldering irons.  It also is light and thin, and looks much more scale than cotton, muslin, an other fabrics.

We (me and others that build such models) normally use non-ripstop versions of Supplex, although ripstop is great for more sails on modern yacht models.  While we use white, preferred colors are more subdued like light grays and light tans.  The sails on mine are slightly dyed gray and still appear bright white.

I will be adding you to the vendor links page on my web site, and sharing Quest as a source for sail cloth with the scale model sailing community I'm part of - so long as you have non-ripstop Supplex in the colors we need, and we can purchase 1+ yards at a time (the model below has four more sails not shown, and took about 1.75 yards of cloth.

My site is at:
How I make my sails can be found at:

Thank you
Jerry Todd
in Maryland