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Customized Pack   - front view

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Customized Pack   - side view

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Customized Pack   - back view

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Customized Cuben Pack  - front view

Custom Pack

Made by customer Taylor Zimmerman.  He emailed the following description:

Here are a few of the photos of my packs. I got the dyneema gridstop from another company.   (The fastening systems are Quest Outfitter items).  The Cuben/dyneema pack weights only 8 ozs with the other one, my girlfirend's, at 12 ozs. The linelockers are cool as well, allows me not to run so much webbing around, lighter. The compression system allows the pack to reduce way down in volume without being so clumsy.  Got the drybag closure system off of the photo that you had of the red G4. It's kind of a design from my head, used the G4 plans to get me through some of the more technical parts of construction. An accomplished seemstress would skoff at my crooked stitches but i am proud at how they turned out.